SMS Appointment reminders

Never miss an appointment with a handy reminder sent the day before your booking.

50 years of combined experience

Years of combined experience results in the best care possible for patients and experience for referring doctors.

Attentive reports

Attention to detail and prompt reporting makes a difference in patient care.

Friendly Staff

Our staff are committed to providing the best care possible and ensure the patient has a pleasant experience during their appointment.

Focused on health

No shortcuts.

Secure report delivery

Secure report delivery via Healthlink including online uncompressed dicom image access

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bulk billing medical imaging practice

In short about us

Due to rising costs in healthcare we recognised a need for a bulk billing practice, not just for under 18's and seniors, but for all. With an on-site radiologist and a highly qualified sonographer, we can perform all ultrasound procedures.

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  • Average turnaround time of less than 24 hours
  • Bulk Billing for all medicare rebatable items
  • Fast and secure online image access via any modern web browser
  • Located in the heart of Mandurah
  • Expanding into other modalities soon
  • Gender scans available
  • Over 50 years of combined experience